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Mount Augustus WA

Mount Augustus WA
19/12/2018 webcaseytour
5 Day Mount Augustus and Walga Rock

On the 3rd June 1858 Francis Thomas Gregory reached the summit of Mount Augustus, he became the first recorded European to climb the mountain. Several weeks later he named the mount after his brother. The Mount is impressive to behold, rising 715 meters above the surrounding  land, with creeks, gorges and open areas all dotting the landscape. The Mount is located within the Mount Augustus national park, which is 480 kilometres north east of the town of Carnarvon.  The park is home to a variety of wildlife including; emus, crimson chats, goannas, red kangaroos, heron, blue-winged kookaburras and many more. The landscape is dotted by shrub land, trees including wattles and cassias, and during wildflower season the park is a wonderful place to view native blooms.

Mount Augustus


Mount Augustus is an asymmetrical anticline, with the oldest layers at the core of the mount. The mount is asymmetrical as the north-eastern side than the south-west side. Mount Augustus sandstone is estimated to be 1.6 billion years old, making it older than Uluru, Australia’s most famous rock.

Hiking and driving

There is a 49 kilometre drive around the base of Mount Augustus, which allows visitors to view the rock from all sides, and enjoy the beauty of the national park surrounding it. There are also other drives and tracks throughout the park which offer a chance to experience this iconic outback place.

5 Day Mount Augustus and Walga Rock

There are many walks within the park, they vary in difficulty and length, so researching which walk is right for you during your visit is important. Short walks such as Corella trail and the Saddle trail require a moderate level of fitness and include surfaces that might be uneven and unstable, such as gravel. There are some more extended half-day walks including Gum Grove to Warrarla which requires a moderate to high level of fitness.

Making sure you have the right equipment and supplies on board such as water, fuel, weather protection, spare tyres and sturdy footwear is vital for your personal safety when within the park. Travelling with Casey Tours takes the hassle out of travelling through these remote outback locations, you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of the landscape while your driver and host worry about fuel, water, weather and vehicle mechanics.

Casey Tours offers a 5 day and 8 day tour to Mount Augustus, WA. Both trips include two nights staying within the park itself, allowing you to truly enjoy this wonderful mount. As there are no campsites within the national park Casey Tours offers a great opportunity to experience the wonder of this location without feeling rushed, or having to worry about many weeks of planning.  For more information visit our Mount Augustus page.

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