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Mount Augustus

Approximately 1100km north of Perth and 500km southeast of Exmouth stands “The Mount”. Known as Burringurrah to the Wajarri people for thousands of years and known as Mount Augustus since 1858 when explorer Francis Gregory climbed it and named it after his explorer brother, who at the time was searching for Ludwig Leichhardt.

The creation story of Burringurrah is about a boy who came from the desert country running away from initiation, the old people caught up with him and speared him. The shape of the mountain shows him lying on his side with the spear head protruding from his upper leg.

The spear tip is now known as Edneys Lookout, Edney was a shepherd on Mount Augustus Station in the time when they ran sheep in this area. He had a small house and yard below the lookout at Edney Springs, the foundation and outline if these simple buildings are just visible today. 

The spring that feeds the creek here is one of many around the base of The Mount, they are a sanctuary for the wildlife including pythons, long-nosed dragons, and the endangered spotted broad-blazed sliders.

The area has distinct soil microclimates, on the drive to Mt Augustus our crews are regularly fortunate to spot the Dawson’s Burrowing Bee, a unique harmless native bee. The females of these amazing ground nesting creatures leave ‘drill hole’ trails across large clay pan areas even on unsealed roads.  

Three kilometres to the north of The Mount runs the Lyons River, Cattle Pool is a large permanent water hole on this 560km river. The large old river gums that line the steep banks of the river are a haven for birds including the Blue-winged Kookaburra, Black-tailed Treecreeper, Mulga Parrot and Spotted Pardalote. This is also one of the best places for a cool swim while you look back at the sheer northern face of Mount Augustus and appreciate the remoteness.

From our accommodation at the Station we have a great view of The Mount for both Sunset and Sunrise. Seeing this spectacular view from your doorstep and enjoying the friendship of fellow passengers with a sunset drink, getting to know the land, country and people that surround this amazing place makes for lasting memories. Join us and find out for yourself!


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