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If you need to explore a remote ancient dry salt lake with a group of international geologist; or if you’re looking to take a group of college students from New York to a regional deserted Aboriginal Mission then through to Uluru on a budget; or take a load of passengers south from Tom Price to Mount Augustus along that dirt track, you know the one, through Ashburton Downs and Pingandy. There really isn’t anyone else to call.



Casey Australia Tour
Twilight Bay
Northern Territory, Australia's Outback



Casey Tours take on these roads and routes because it is the country that we love. We are much more at home in the scrub than the city. Our experience in the outback means we can put together a tour plan for any occasion and group.

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We use our broad database of regional accommodations, attractions, suppliers and friends as well us utilizing our supply of quality camping equipment and knowledgeable camp cooks and drivers. While in remote areas our passengers can rest assured that our coaches are self-sufficient for days at a time. We carry; up to 800 litres of water, flood lighting, satellite phone, many parts, tools and excess food including fresh fruit and vegetables. The coach also carries; chairs with back support, gas stoves, eskies, barbeque and a trailer with all the camping equipment. With over 40 years’ experience, Casey Australia Tours have refined their operations to be as comfortable as possible for our passengers, even when experiencing the remote Australian Outback.



Anzac Centre Albany
What to expect from Western Australia tours for seniors - Dilate Digital

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