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Author archive for Tim Casey

  • banner gifts for travellers

    Gifts That Travellers Will Want This Silly Season

    With the holidays creeping up and with no magic genie to get you all the best ideas for friends and…

  • I

    Travel Souvenirs

    Many people like to take a little something home with them as a reminder of their trips and travels, something…

  • map of the Outback Way route

    Love A Shortcut? Do Australia’s Longest, The Outback Way

    From Perth, Western Australia to Cairns, Queensland, via the Northern Territory’s Red Centre, with Casey Australia Tours – The Outback…

  • Day Tours from Perth 

    Day Tours from Perth 

    Travel along the steeply graded and tightly curved railway manually carved into the Darling Range, which once so masterfully served…

  • Kmart Must Haves for Travelling

    The $8 Kmart Must Haves for Travelling

    Kmart is a must-visit for any traveller looking for a good deal on items they might need for a trip…

  • Camel in Australian Outback

    Love Them Or Hate ’em, Feral Camels Are A Plague In The Outback- Or Are They?

    Though thousands of tourist’s flock to Central Australia on the chance of capturing an image of these peculiar creatures -…

  • Min Min Lights


    These mysterious lights have tormented Australian communities for more than a century, the first recorded sightings dates back to 1838…

  • Clever Packing Hacks

    9 Packing Hacks That Will Save You Space

  • Bernice - Cape York

    Interview with Bernice – Casey Australia Tours Hostess

  • Mount Augustus

    Mt Augustus VS Ayers Rock