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Author archive for Tim Casey

  • Viral Stories Of Wombats Sheltering Other Wildlife From The Bushfires Aren’t Entirely True

    If you’ve been following the bushfire crisis on social media and elsewhere, you may have seen reports of benevolent wombats…

  • Nullarbor Nymph

    Many who have lived on or visited the Nullarbor have heard the tales and stories surrounding the mystery and legend…

  • Megafauna – Diprotodon Optatum

    It is believed that megafauna initially came into existence in response to glacial conditions. The extinction of megafauna around the…

  • Burra Mining

    There is considerable disagreement about the origin of the word “burra”. Some sources claim that it comes from a Hindustani…

  • Air Mechanic Class II – George Lonsdale Taylor

    On our 2019 Floriade, Canberra, Snowy Mountains & Kelly Country Tour, we were fortunate enough to be present at the…

  • 6 Essential Tips for Group Travel

    Group tours come in all shapes and sizes and here at Casey Australia Tours our tours are geared towards those…

  • Redruth Gaol

    Redruth Gaol erected in 1856 was the first gaol in South Australia outside of Adelaide. So why did Burra, or…

  • 5 Weird Facts About the Nullarbor Plain

    The largest piece of limestone on earth, the Nullarbor Plain is one of the strangest landscapes in the world. As…

  • banner gifts for travellers

    Gifts That Travellers Will Want This Silly Season

    With the holidays creeping up and with no magic genie to get you all the best ideas for friends and…

  • I

    Travel Souvenirs

    Many people like to take a little something home with them as a reminder of their trips and travels, something…