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Love A Shortcut? Do Australia’s Longest, The Outback Way

Love A Shortcut? Do Australia’s Longest, The Outback Way
03/12/2019 Tim Casey
map of the Outback Way route

Love A Shortcut? Do Australia’s Longest, The Outback Way

From Perth, Western Australia to Cairns, Queensland, via the Northern Territory’s Red Centre, with Casey Australia Tours – The Outback Way, carves a well-worn than 4000km track through the heart of Australia. 

The Outback Way is Australia’s Route 66, the great Australian Road Trip… unearth the magic and immerse yourself in a journey like never before. It’s a road trip that lets you sink into the peaceful colours of the Australian Outback, where your odometer collects memories with every kilometre. 

Whether you are zig-zagging the nation or you want a shorter invigorating getaway to awaken your senses -you’ll marvel at nature’s diversity, feel the cool waters in shimmering gorges wash over you, be inspired by the unique architecture of every mountain range, and hear the desert oaks whisper in their majestic forests. 

Immerse yourself in Indigenous culture, pioneering heritage, get into the country spirit of an outback festival, and enjoy the outback hospitality at every town we pull into.  

With numerous National Parks throughout this tour you will truly immerse yourself in the Nature and Outdoors viewing a myriad of landscapes, natural formations and water holes – as you journey through Australia’s centre road – Bladensburg NP – Winton, Diamantina NP- Boulia, West Macdonnell NP- Alice Springs, Finke Gorge NP- Alice Springs, Watarrka NP- Kings Canyon & Uluru-Kata Tjuat NP- Yulara.

map of the Outback Way route

Many visitors to central Australia assume that the inland is flat, arid and lacking vegetation or appeal.  When in fact the Outback Way passes through a wide range of landscapes including arid and semi-arid deserts, gorges, breakaways, mountain ranges, grasslands, mallee and mulga covered plains, giant salt lakes, seasonally wet channel country, rivers, creeks, billabongs, hilly woodlands, rolling desert dunes and majestic forests of desert oaks.  With this much diversity it is no surprise to find a variety of birds, reptiles and mammals making for an ever-changing view or experience just around the next corner!

The Outback Way passes through 10 of the 85 distinctive bio-geographic regions of Australia. Bioregions are large land areas composed of common characteristics of geology, landform, land-use, vegetation composition and pattern, climate and visual appearance. Distinctive ecosystems in each bioregion influence the variety of organisms that live in each distinctive part of the outback.

With such an ever-changing landscape, why not join us for this amazing adventure with our experienced guides. There is never a dull moment with the Team from Casey’s!

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