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Ten Reasons Why A Coach Touring Is A Good Idea

Ten Reasons Why A Coach Touring Is A Good Idea
13/03/2020 Tim Casey

Ten Reasons Why A Coach Touring Is A Good Idea

If you’ve never thought about taking a coach tour, it might be time to reconsider your preconceptions and climb aboard for a holiday on wheels with Casey Australia tours.

Coach Touring Has Changed
You know how hotels and cruise ships have upped standards from bare bones to flash over the last decades? Coach touring is doing the same. It has become more varied, more imaginative, and is attracting a wider range of guests. Numbers are booming and coaches will take you to an ever-increasing number of destinations ever more tailored to regions or historical impact, or themes such as food and wine.

You Can Travel In Luxury
If you equate a tour coach with a public bus, you probably anticipate discomfort. Yet tour coaches can cost upwards of $500,000 a pop and have everything from decent legroom to toilet, air suspension and air conditioning even on our 4wd coaches.

It’s Better Than Driving Yourself
Everyone knows the stress of driving out of an airport into a region of unknown road rules, indecipherable signs and unfamiliar speed limits and that is just leaving the airport. Driving is energy sapping and nerve-racking, and nobody needs that on a holiday. Our team meet you at baggage collection, take you to the coach, store your luggage all you must do is climb aboard and enjoy the start of your tour.

You Can Enjoy the View
Admit it, you spend a lot of time behind the wheel admiring the backs of trucks. But you won’t miss the passing scenery in a coach. Windows are large and you have an elevated seat above passing vehicles and enjoy the amazing scenery of our wonderful country.

You Won’t Be Rushing
It’s a misconception that coach tours rush you around all states in a week. Though some do, depending on what you want to make of your time on tour. All our tours are planned out and we have the element of taking our time if our passengers are enjoying an experience and we also have an element of surprise!

You’ll Make The Most Of Your Time
You won’t be wasting a minute studying maps, seeking out parking spaces and finding restaurants. Remember how time-consuming just getting from a to b can be? None of that either. Coach itineraries have been developed from years of experience to cover the chief sights without wasting time. The result is more time out at the national park, museum or streetscape you have always dreamed of walking.

It Isn’t Just About Window Gazing
Coach touring isn’t just about passive looking any more, nor just about ticking off sightseeing boxes. Contemporary coach tours often provide the opportunity to meet locals, from olive farmers to station owners. You might visit markets, take a scenic flight, take a cruise or fly off an island. We can even take you camping in the outback on several tours – in the Kimberley, Tanami Track or Cape York and Thursday Island with off track oasis’ and don’t forget the amazing stars that you experience in remote areas that you would never see if travelling by car.

Coach Tours Are Good Value
Don’t underestimate the purchasing power of a big company when it comes to airfares, hotel nights, tour guides and entrance fees. As an individual, you might struggle to achieve the same inclusions at the same price. Also, the upfront tour package price allows enables you to set your budget before you leave, and avoid common holiday cost overruns from items (such as petrol and road tolls) that you might not have considered.

You’ll Meet Independent Travellers
You are living in the past if you think coach travellers are either partying backpackers or ancient, unimaginative folk hobbling from bar to bingo hall. Maybe once, long ago, coach tours were for inexperienced, timid travellers. These days passengers are a varied bunch and, while many are retirees, they’re looking for convenience, not mollycoddling. Tours are now offering more active options, more flexitime for individual exploration, and occasional free evenings for your own local dining.

The Company Is Great
It’s easy to meet new people in the small-group, confined surrounds of a coach, particularly as many single travellers like coach touring for its sense of security. Camaraderie often builds quickly. After all, there’s a good chance that your fellow travellers will be like-minded people. Meals can be convivial, and there’s usually no kids to disturb the equilibrium. Some guests become friends enough to organise ongoing tours together.

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