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Western Australia Tourist Attractions – Holland Track

Western Australia Tourist Attractions – Holland Track
25/07/2017 Tim Casey

There is no short supply of things to see and do in Western Australia, you can cruise the coastal roads, see the sights of Perth, explore the cultural melting pot of Broome or explore any of the state’s beautiful national parks. Western Australian tourism covers a lot of ground, a third of the country, it’s no wonder the options for touring are diverse. One drawcard for many travellers is Outback WA with its Red dirt, open roads and a rich history. One region of outback WA that is worth a visit is the historic Goldfields including Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, Menzies and surrounds.

After the discovery of gold in WA in 1892 a gold rush began, drawing thousands to the town of Coolgardie and its surrounds. Eventually the town had a population of 15,000 with close to the same number living in the surrounding area. Access to this region was quite difficult during this time, and the town of Broomehill saw an opportunity, if they could create a shortcut to the Goldfields they could attract business to their town. The town hired John Holland, an experienced bushman and sandalwood cutter to create the shortcut. Over a period of 2 months Holland and his small team created the shortcut which stretched over 500 kilometers from Broomehill to Coolgardie. Over the next three years the track was utilised by over 18,000 people travelling to and from the Goldfields. Eventually the railway was extended, and the track fell by the wayside.

In 1992 a Broomehill local, Graeme Newbey and visiting researcher, Adrian Malloy worked to re-establish the track. In 1993, a century after the track was established, people once again followed in John Holland’s footsteps. Since it’s reopening, the track has risen in popularity, particularly amongst 4WD enthusiasts and those wishing to travel to the Goldfields. The Holland Track experience can be challenging for tourists, with two sections to the track, with the part north of Hyden not for the faint of heart, or novice 4WD explorer.

You can retrace John Holland’s footsteps, without the stress, with Casey Tours. Our 8 day Holland Way & Golden Quest Discovery Trail Tour explores Western Australia tourist attractions including; Wave Rock & Hippos Yawn, Hannans North Tourist Mine, Kalgoorlie Boulder, Niagara Dam, Lake Ballard and the Holland Way itself. Tour Link: http://www.caseytours.com.au/tours/8-day-holland-way-golden-quest-discovery-trail/

Immerse yourself in the remote beauty of the goldfields, and learn about the rich history of this region on our 8 Day Historic Goldfields, Esperance & Albany Tour. This tour travels through the Goldfields and then heads south to the coast at Esperance and Albany, a tour which allows you to experience some of the diversity of WA, from outback to coastline. (Tour link: http://www.caseytours.com.au/tours/8-day-historic-goldfields-albany-esperance/)

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