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Birdsville Track Tours

Birdsville Track Tours
11/08/2017 Tim Casey

Long stretches of open road with nothing in sight but the horizon, sparse arid landscape and true blue locals – a visit to the Birdsville Track and surrounding region allows you to experience this and so much more. The Birdsville Track runs from Birdsville in South-West Queensland to Maree in the North-East of South Australia. Running for 517 kilometres, the track runs through one of the driest parts of Australia, making the landscape extremely barren. Despite this, it has become one of Australia’s best known historic stock routes, and draws tourists as a result.

Crossing the borders of 3 states, Lake Eyre is one of the major drawcards for tourists visiting this region. At 15.2 meters below sea level, it is the lowest point in Australia. The salt lake spends most of its life as a dry basin, on average flood waters cover the lake every 8 years. Still water or no, the lake’s stark landscape is a sight to see, with the white lake floor contrasting with the red dunes that surround it.

Tom Kruse, not to be confused with that American actor, is a famous name along the track. Esmond “Tom” Kruse was the former post man on the Birdsville Track, he delivered mail and other general supplies to locals who lived and worked along the track between the years 1936 to 1957. His “mail run” would take him up to two weeks, with the added pressure of breakdowns, floods, getting bogged and surviving the elements of the desert. He was immortalised in the John Heyer’s film, The Back of Beyond.

While the fame of the region attracts tourists, it’s the people that make the experience something special. The locals who you come into contact with have an authenticity and humour unlike any other. Staying at one of the few remaining stations in the region is one way to meet locals and experience the charm and simplicity of this remote life, that few people today experience.

Perhaps one of Australia’s most iconic pubs, the Birdsville Pub is a uniquely Australian experience. Built in 1884, this sandstone brick structure has been welcoming people from all over the world for over 130 years. Enjoying a beer, or soft drink under its roof, is something of a rite of passage for thousands of visitors every year. This building has withstood floods, fires and many different proprietors, remaining resolute against time and the elements.

If you are looking for a Birdsville Track Tour to take you to the most iconic spots in this region, Casey Australia Tours 14 day Lake Eyre, Birdsville Track & Camerons Corner Tour visits the most well know locations, as well as some special spots that only locals know about. This trip also includes two nights staying at the famous, Ray Station for a truly authentic experience.

For more information visit: http://www.caseytours.com.au/tours/14-day-lake-eyre-birdsville-track-camerons-corner/

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