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Top 5 Golden Outback Attractions To Visit This Spring

Top 5 Golden Outback Attractions To Visit This Spring
17/07/2017 Tim Casey

Covering 54 per cent of WA, the Golden Outback is an extensive region to explore. Stretching from Mount Augustus in the north, through to Esperance and the south Coast, choosing where to visit in this vast area can be a little tricky. With that in mind we thought we would let you in on some of our favourite spots to visit in spring in this region.


We would be remiss to talk about spring and not mention Wildflowers! As this area is so large, you can experience a diverse range of species. In the north the Gascoyne Murchison region is known for its everlastings and fields of colours. Slightly further south in the Wheatbelt you may be lucky enough to find the beautiful Wreath Leschenaultia. Moving further south still, through to the Stirling Ranges you will find tree flowers and orchids, even the gorgeous Star Flower in Cape Le Grand National Park. We offer several extended Wildflower Tours that take advantage of this Golden Outback attraction including: the 4 Day Outback Wildflowers Tour, 4 Day Wheatbelt& Wave Rock Wildflower Tour and the 4 Day Southern Wildflower Tour.

Mount Augustus

Mount Augustus is a sight to behold at any time, but during spring this region puts on a special show. Twice the size of Uluru, at 1106 meters above sea level, Mount Augustus is the largest monolith in the world. This area is spectacular, with some of the best Australian Outback scenery to be found, as the sun moves through the sky you will see a variety of colours displayed within the landscape from deep blue and green to bright orange and red. Adding to this colour display in the spring are Wildflowers, which bring purple, yellow, white and even pink into the landscape. We have 2 tours which visit Mount Augustus, both of which stay in the national park for a portion of the tour. The 5 Day Mount Augustus tour departing on the 30thAugust and the 8 Day Mount Augustus departing on the 7th August.

Lake Ballard

Situated approximately 50 kilometres west of Menzies, Lake Ballard is an ephemeral salt lake. This stark white salt plain is home to the largest outdoor art gallery on Earth. The “Inside Australia” gallery created by artist Antony Gormley, is a collection of 51 steel sculptures spread across 10 square kilometres. Visiting Lake Ballard during the early morning and later afternoon allows you to see long shadows being cast by the statues, and is an impressive sight to see. Our 8 Day Holland Way & Golden Quest Discovery Trail visits Lake Ballard, as well as the nearby town of Menzies, the local residents of which the sculptures are based on. Also stopping by Lake Ballard is our 8 Day Historic Goldfields, Esperance & Albany Tour.

Stirling Ranges

The Stirling Range National Park contains the only major mountain range within southern Western Australia. Featuring spectacular scenery and home to around 1500 species of flora, many of which grow nowhere else in Australia, this is one location that should be on your list this spring. Walking is an ideal way to explore the Stirling Ranges, so don’t forget to pack your walking shoes and a camera to capture some Wildflower magic! Our 4 Day Southern Wildflower Tour is a great way to experience the natural diversity, complete with a botanical guide to help you spot the rarer flowers. Alternatively our 5 Day Southern Ocean National Parks explores this region, as well as taking in several other National Parks within the Golden Outback, including the spectacular Cape Le Grand.

Wave Rock

One of the most famous landmarks within the Golden Outback, Wave Rock is well worth a visit. Rising 14 meters and stretching 110 meters, the curving rock appears to be rising out of the earth, bearing a striking resemblance to a wave on the ocean. This region is filled with interesting geological landscapes, such as Hippos Yawn, and Mulkas Cave. At the village by the base of Wave Rock hosts some quirky attractions of its own, from a lace museum to a miniature soldier museum. There are a surprising number of things to see and do in this region of the Golden Outback. Our 4 Day Wheatbelt Wildflower and Wave Rock Wildflower tour visits this region during the spring, making the most of this unique area of WA. Or if you are pressed for time, our Wave Rock & Hippo’s Yawn Day Tour visits some of the most prominent attractions of the region.

For more information on our tours which visit this amazing region, click here.

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