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Outback Adventure Tours

Outback Adventure Tours
28/08/2017 Tim Casey

The outback of Australia conjures up images of red dirt, long open roads, and adventure. There is a reason the Outback is iconic, there is something special about the people and places in these remote areas of Australia. Here are our top 4 iconic outback experiences that every visitor should have:

Campfire Comradery

There is something special about that time at the end of a day on the road, when you and fellow passengers sit around the fire and share stories. With the stars above, clearly visible without any light pollution from the city, a cup of tea on your lap and the warmth of the fire – these moments are not easily found anywhere else. Long days travelling along remote outback roads, and nights by the campfire sharing stories from the past and the day fosters a comradery that is maintained long after the tour is over.

Rediscover the beauty of the land

Many of us live in cities and towns where we have limited interaction with the natural world that surrounds us. When you head out into the outback the cities fall away, the towns get smaller and the wide open natural spaces come into full view. Spend some time hiking through National Parks, enjoying the spectacular scenery, connecting with the land. Experience the stories of the land as told by Australian Aborigines – learn about their culture and history at many historic sites throughout Outback Australia.

Station Life

Experience the simplicity and authenticity of station life in Outback Australia. Operational stations can be found throughout Australia’s Outback, the families and staff that live at these properties are full of knowledge and humorous stories of station life. Many of these iconic properties have been passed down through families for generations – blending the personal and working lives of these station workers together – when you stay on a station, you feel like a member of the extended family.

Experience the past

Australia has a rich history, and the Outback is no exception. Step back in time in the Eastern Goldfields and discover the excitement and history of the Gold rush, and the history of mining in this region. The mineral rich Yilgarn Craton is thought to contain up to 30% of the world’s known gold reserves. The discovery of gold in this region during 1893 caused a gold rush that saw over 100,000 people from around the world flock to goldfields to try and strike it rich. Today there is still a number of mining companies still in operation within the region. This area is rich in museums, historical and cultural sites that allow visitors to experience what life would have been like for those during this exciting time in Australia’s past.

Casey Australia Tours have over 40 years’ experience providing Outback Adventure Tours throughout Australia. Tours including the 14 Day Lake Eyre, Birdsville Track & Cameron’s Corner Tour and the 8 Day Historic Goldfields, Esperance & Albany Tour will take you into the Outback of Australia for an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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