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Kings Canyon Tours – What To Pack For A Trip To The Red Centre

Kings Canyon Tours – What To Pack For A Trip To The Red Centre
13/07/2017 Tim Casey

Packing for any tour is always an important consideration; climates within this great country vary significantly, so what to pack changes depending on where you are headed, and what kind of activities you are hoping to undertake when there.

Kings Canyon is located between Alice Springs and Uluru in the Northern Territory within the Watarrka National Park. This part of the outback offers an authentic Australian experience, with red dirt, impressive rock formations, and rugged terrain accessible via 4WD and 4WD coach.

The average temperature at Kings Canyon ranges between 22 degrees in winter to 35 degrees in summer, for example in April the average temperature is 28 degrees, and in August 23 degrees. In this region of the Northern Territory thingscan be very hot during the day and cool at night time, especially on clear evenings and during winter.

There are many walking trails available throughout Kings Canyon, including the 6 kilometre Rim Walk (for a more active traveller) to an easier 2.6 kilometre Kings Creek Walk.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we thought we would put together some suggestions on what to bring to on your Kings Canyon Tour ensure your visit is comfortable:

• A light thermal top – thermals are a great way to use light layers to stay warm, without adding excessive bulk to your luggage.
• Layers –many light layers of clothing is a good way to dress for a varied climate. Cooler mornings require more layers, then as a day heats up you can easily remove layers and store them in your backpack or hand bag.
• A Warm Jacket – without venturing into the ski jacket category, it’s good to bring a nice warm jacket that you can wear at night to keep your core warm.
• Head torch – sitting near a campfire looking at the stars is one of our favourite parts of camping. Venture away from the fire and things can get a little darker than your eyes are used to, a head torch is a handy camping companion.
• A Hat/Beanie – the Aussie sun has some bite to it, so it’s important to have some sun protection for your head during the day. At night swap your hat for a beanie to help stay warm.
• Sunscreen – still on the topic of sun protection, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen.
• Footwear–comfortable, supportive sneakers (especially with added ankle support) are recommended for anyone who is planning on a Kings Canyon walking tour. Hiking boots are suitablealso;make sure they arecomfortable and light weight.
• Camera – don’t forget your camera so that you can capture the beauty of this amazing Australian location.

Casey Australia Itineraries that include Kings Canyon Tours are the:
• Australia’s Longest Shortcut – 16 Days from Cairns to Perth
• 16 Day Central Australia, Lake Eyre and Flinders Ranges
Contact us today to find out more about visiting this wonderful location.

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