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A First Timer’s Guide to Camping

A First Timer’s Guide to Camping
14/05/2019 Tim Casey
A First Timer’s Guide to Camping

As we are preparing for our 4WD Coaches for Camping Tour throughout the top end of WA and the Red Centre, our thoughts are with our new passengers that will be experiencing camping for the first time.


The team here at Casey Australia Tours have put together a few tips for the inexperienced camper, that are based on our journeying around this great nation of ours.


No matter what time of the year, it is a must in the outback fly nets, they will be your saving grace.  We do realise that you will not win the Miss Australia pageant with this stunning look and feel slightly ridiculous the first time around but you will thank us.


Be prepared that your mobile coverage may not work! Due to the shear size of our country and communications towers are few and far between in remote areas. The Casey Guides and Host always travel with appropriate communications UHF and satellite phones for emergencies, though you may want to let your family know when you will be out of contact.
Our amazing country is known for its varying temperatures, so be like a boy scout and be prepared – water bottle, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, wet wipes and hat.


One thing that we cannot stress on enough especially when you are in remote locations is comfortable socks, believe it or not wearing the right socks and shoes can make the world of difference to your feet in the long run.


The travelling experts last recommendation is to enjoy the experience! It’s a perfect way to get close to nature and a great way of meeting others with similar interests in travelling.

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