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9 Packing Hacks That Will Save You Space

9 Packing Hacks That Will Save You Space
24/09/2019 Tim Casey
Clever Packing Hacks

9 Packing Hacks That Will Save You Space

As the team here at Casey Australia Tours are frequent travellers, we have come up with some tips and tricks that will help when you are packing for your tour.  Use these tips and hacks listed here for a stress-free and worry-free traveling experience.

1.  Make a list

If you have to pack for more than a couple days, you most likely are going to need to make a list of all your essentials. This could include anything from clothes to shoes, books and medication – whatever you think you might need, write it down.

One of the team starts at her head and works her way down to her feet and think of everything they would need: hair:  brush, comb, products, accessories, eyes: contacts, glasses, glasses case, etc, all the way down to feet. Make the list a week in advance and then if we remember something, we write it down.

2. Only take what you need

Don’t overpack, we are all totally guilty of it. Rule of thumb pack your bags and unpack it and cut it down by half. Even if you are heading on a 20-day tour, you will need tops seven sets of clothes – we are always accommodated at hotels that have a laundry. On that note don’t forget some gold coins and a small packet of washing powder.

3. Roll your clothes

When I first heard this, I was literally like…”Really! What difference does it make?” until I gave in and tried it, you can save tonnes of room by rolling and on the plus side clothes tend to be less wrinkled if you smooth them out and roll neatly. The night you arrive unroll and hang out your clothes for the next day you will be surprised that you will not have to iron as much.

4. Think travel-size

Unless you are planning a tour to Antarctica for an extended period of time (no we don’t do these tours…yet!) odds are can purchase most of your essentials whist travelling.  Do not pack your full-size shampoo, conditioner, lotions and creams – head to a cheap shop and purchase the travel bottles to fill your bottles or some of them even stock the miniature versions of hair products and creams for travelling.  Don’t waste your room in your suitcase on packing the full size.

5. Dryer sheets

Another of our team layers dryer sheets through her bag and this also makes the clothes smell amazing.  Just throw a few in between your clothes or if you decide to roll, roll them into your clothes. You will be surprised at the difference it makes.

6. Pack similar products together

Use a plastic bag for all your travel-size hair products, another for all your travel-size skincare products, we also like to keep device chargers together in a bag as well. Then, when I get to my destination, all we have to do is pull out one bag and voila, there everything is! The suitcase cubes make this really easy!

7. Wrinkle release spray

When I was working away from home and packing every second week, a friend gave me the best piece of advice wrinkle release spay.  If you cannot get any locally, all you need is a little fabric softener and water in a travel size spray bottle and unroll your clothes and spray a little not only do they smell great but your clothes will be ready to wear.

8. Jewellery in socks

If you don’t have a jewellery roll, put your pieces inside your socks, shoes or slippers, certainly saves your jewellery from being tangles and saves on space. Though we usually do not recommend that you take too much jewellery with you on tour. Just in case you leave it behind somewhere.

9. Shoes in large ziploc bag or shower cap

put your shoes in a bag or shower cap and throw in a dryer sheet if you do not want your clothes getting smelly. One suggestion we can recommend is if you are going to be wearing heavy shoes, boots or even clothes, it is hard to try and find room in your suitcase for them – wear them on the plane or leave them behind. Though be sure that they are easy to take off and that you will not need to strip them off once you head into security at the airport.

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